We try and answer some of your frequently asked questions...

Frequently asked questions

  • What amenities does each unit offer ?
    Every unit has the following amenities:
    Bathroom, Kitchen, Utensils, Crockery, TV, WIFI, Braai, Free parking
  • Do you have internet facilities ?
    Yes, we provide a free WIFI service to all guests.
  • What is “Self Catering” ?
    Tietiesdraai provides every unit with a Kitchen and utensils to cook your own food. The unit is cleaned before check-in and after check-out. Self catering accommodation has proven itself to be the best option for Paternoster holiday accommodation.
  • How many people can each unit sleep ?
    Units 2&3 sleeps 4 people each.
    Unit 4 sleeps 2 people.
  • Do you require a key deposit ?
    Yes. We require a R300 key deposit upon check-in which is refundable 7 working days after check-out.
  • When is check-in time ?
    You may check in between 3pm and 10pm every day.
  • When is check out time ?
    Check-out time is 10am at the latest. Please inquire ahead of time for extensions.
  • How do I get the WIFI password ?
    The WIFI password is provided upon check-in.
  • What attractions does Paternoster offer ?
    Paternoster is a historical hub on the West Coast. Check out this top 10 list of things to do in Paternoster.
  • What events are happening in Paternoster ?
    There are a lot of things to see, eat and do in Paternoster. More information to follow.
  • Is it safe in Paternoster ?
    Crime is always present even in sleepy old Paternoster. Use common sense when leaving the guesthouse. Please speak to your host if you require security advice.
  • COVID 19
    We take COVID 19 very seriously. Wearing masks and the use of hand sanitizer placed throughout the guesthouse is encouraged. More information can be obtained on this SA government web page: Corona Virus(COVID-19) Pandemic
  • How can we contact you ?
    Our 24 hour contact details are available on our home page. Please click HERE.
  • Do you allow pets ?
    Unfortunately not.
  • Do you allow children ?
  • Where in Paternoster is Tietiesdraai located ?
    Tietiesdraai guest house is a Paternoster rental and is located at 1 Kriedoring Street, Paternoster. You can follow this link see our location on Google Maps. Click HERE.
  • Why the name Tietiesdraai ?
    The original owners of Tietiesdraai found the place by chance on their way to Tietiesbaai. They decided to stay and decided to call the house Tietiesdraai because the house is a stone’s throw away from the well know Tietiesbaai area.
  • What is your cancellation policy ?
    We ask that you cancel 1 month before check-in. After that all deposits will be forfeited.
  • What is your smoking policy ?
    The house is designated as a “no smoking” area. Because of the short distance to the wild bush area we implore all guests to be extra careful while smoking outside.
  • Do you offer cleaning services ?
    We don’t. Each unit will be cleaned before check-in and after check-out.
  • Do you offer parking ?
    Yes. Each unit has a free parking bay in front of the house in the designated parking areas.

1 Kriedoring


+27 71 3028080 (John)
+27 72 4093618 (Divan)


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