Lunch at Seekombuis Restaurant

We review our lunch at the Seekombuis restaurant just outside Paternoster

Just outside Paternoster is the Tietiesbaai nature reserve. Right at the gate to the reserve is the Seekombuis, a very rustic restaurant situated right on the beach with some of the best views of the ocean around.

The amazing beach at Seekombuis

The view

The beach view from the restaurant is stunning. We went there on a special day – the electricity across the whole town was out. I can only describe this beach as serene and peaceful. We had plates of hot food and some cold drinks to wash them down all whilst watching this scene. You can sit under the shade or pick a table perfectly placed inside an old fishing boat!

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The decor inside Seekombuis is old and full of character and stories. Each corner hides something new to explore and a story to listen to. Old fishing paraphernalia covers the whole place. We enjoyed our visit so much. The staff was welcoming and the food was good.

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We felt adventurous after luch and drove 2 mins to the rocks right next to Seekombuis. WOW! Go see it please. We found ourselves on another planet. The place is beautiful and we were awestruck.


1 Kriedoring


+27 71 3028080 (John)
+27 72 4093618 (Divan)


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