Paternoster Self Catering

Why is self catering accommodation better for Paternoster rentals ? Check out the top 4 reasons while self catering in Paternoster is your best option for accommodation in Paternoster.

Value for money

In general, self catering units in Paternoster sleep from 2 to 6 and sometimes 8 people. That means that the cost per person is VERY affordable. Your stay will be comfortable and affordable – you can stay longer for less!

Your own food

Most self catering units in Paternoster come with a fully equipped kitchen. You end up cooking your own food! If you don’t need French cuisine and focus more on your experience in Paternoster self catering is the answer for you. A good balance between convenience vs. cost.

Your own schedule

No need to eat at certain times. You get the keys to your self catering unit and you can sleep in, get up and eat whenever it suit you.


Self catering units in Paternoster cost far less than bed and breakfast rooms. On top of that, one unit can sleep multiple people further reducing the costs. A family of 4 can have an extended holiday at a fraction of a normal hotel stay.