Paternoster Accommodation

Paternoster is a small fishing village on the West Coast, but although small you can get lost when looking for accommodation. Finding the right accommodation in Paternoster can be a daunting task as the town features over 200 guesthouses and rentals to pick from. Let’s look at your options when looking for accommodation in Paternoster.

Self catering accommodation

Self-catering accommodation in Paternoster refers to a guest house which provides the necessary facilities to allow guests to cater (i.e. cook) for themselves. It might be a holiday cottage or guest house. Generally you as the guest only need to bring food and drinks and start to relax.

Paternoster self catering accommodation
Paternoster self catering accommodation

Find self catering accommodation at Tietiesdraai Guest House

Non self catering accommodation

Guest houses or hotels that a not self catering generally don’t provide a kitchen where guests can cook their meals. It is expected that guests will eat at the venue’s restaurant or at another eatery.

Paternoster Restaurant

Which option you decide on depends on your mood, budget and ultimately lifestyle when you travel to the West Coast of South Africa to spend a relaxing time in Paternoster.