Paternoster : Top 10 Questions Answered

We try and answer your top 10 question about Paternoster

When you visit Paternoster for the first time you will have some questions. I try and answer the top 10 questions plus some bonus questions.

Top 10 Questions about Paternoster

  • 1. Where do I shop for groceries in Paternoster ?
    There is only one shop in Paternoster called the Paternoster Express. It stocks most foods and other house hold groceries. The selection is limited though and it tends to be more expensive than a large shop like Pick n Pay. They are not open 24 hours but you will be covered every day from at least 9am to 5pm..
  • 2. Where do I fill up my car with fuel/petrol in Paternoster ?
    The only place to find fuel for your car is at the Paternoster Express. They are not open 24 hours so make sure you are filled up during standard business hours.
  • 3. Where can I have my clothes washed in Paternoster ?
    Paternoster has a couple of laundromats sprinkled around the town. The first one you will find is right next to the Paternoster hotel in St. Augustine road.
  • 4. Are there banks or ATMs in Paternoster ?
    There are no banks in Paternoster. The Paternoster Express shop has 3 ATMs but I have found that they are empty – no cash – during busy times of the month. Best to draw cash on your way to Paternoster. If you need cash in an emergency you can travel to Vredenburg, the nearest town which is 15 kilometers away from Paternoster.
  • 5. Do all shops and businesses in Paternoster take credit cards ?
    Unfortunately not all businesses in Paternoster take credit card as payment. Most guest houses and restaurants have card facilities but most of the smaller shops and laundromats only take cash.
  • 6. Which are the best restaurants in Paternoster ?
    This is a difficult question to answer – it all depends on your taste and style of food. My favourite is De Seekat (Great seafood, best Sushi, amazing view)
  • 7. Which are the best guest houses in Paternoster ?
    You will find two types of guest houses in Paternoster:
    1. Affordable self catering guest houses
    2. More luxurious guest houses situated right on the beach and also offering dine in facilities.

Tietiesdraai Guest House

Affordable Guest Houses

These are great for an affordable holiday covering the whole family as they are rented out on a per unit basis, not per person. A great choice for Paternoster accommodation would be the Tietiesdraai Guest House. It is perfectly situated close to the beach and around the corner of the gobsmackingly beautiful Tietiesbaai nature reserve. It provides massive king-sized beds to rest on and full kitchens to cook. Each unit also has a dedicated bathroom.

Linhof guest house

Luxury Guest Houses

More luxurious guest houses situated right on the beach and also offering dine in facilities. Some examples of excellent luxury beach guest houses in Paternoster are:
Linhof (Best views by far)
Abalone House (Great views and restaurant)

  • 8. Top places to see in Paternoster ?
    Tourists flock to Paternoster mostly for the peace and quiet (and good food). If you find yourself restless and looking for something to see or do you can’t go wrong with this list.
    Top 10 things to do in Paternoster
  • 10. What are the most common languages spoken in Paternoster ?
    Afrikaans and English are the most commonly spoken languages in Paternoster.
  • 11. Is it safe to walk in Paternoster’s streets ?
    Always be sensible. Stay in the busier areas during the day and don’t walk in the streets alone at night. There are some occurrences of petty crime, so keep your doors locked and your valuables out of sight.
  • 12. Can one camp or braai on the beach in Paternoster ?
    There are camping and braai facilities at the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve. For an amazing R30 per person you can explore the reserve and also use a built braai, right on the beach and rocks. Most braai areas have water points and clean ablution buildings.

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