What are the top 10 things to do when you visit Paternoster ?

The Bek Baai beach

1. Walk on the beach.

This one’s a given. Paternoster boasts some of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches in the world. The rock formations are massive and otherworldly. The sunsets are to die for. Always take your phone or camera, each photo will be a masterpiece.

Entrepid eBike riders

2. Go for an eBike ride tour, (Located at the Paternoster Waterfront)

WOWeBikes offers tours on specialised bicycles that allow you to see all the best beaches and sights in Paternoster at your own pace, led by an experienced tour guide. They are located opposite the Crayfish Wharf.

Tietiesbaai nature reserve

3. Explore the wild Tietiesbaai natures reserve.

The Tietiesbaai Nature Reserve is simply stunning. It’s a short 3km drive from Paternoster. You can camp there or just go for a braai (barbeque) right on the beach with the waves breaking just a few meters in front of you.

Fishing on the rocks

4. Braai or camp on the beach at Tietiesbaai.

Go for a braai right on the beach. Take out the old rusty fishing rod and catch lunch right from the rocks. Each stand has a fixed braai, waterpoints and there’s even clean ablution buildings featuring bathroom and shower facilities.

Cape Columbine lighthouse

See the lighthouse at Cape Columbine.

Cape Columbine is well known for its lighthouse, the last manned lighthouse built on the South African coast. The Cape Columbine Lighthouse was commissioned on October 1, 1936. Both the headland and lighthouse derive their name from the barque Columbine, that was wrecked 1.5 km North of the lighthouse on March 31, 1829.

Artist at Botha hard at work

6. Browser all the little shops and At Botha’s art gallery in the main road.

Check out local artist At Botha at his galley in the main road.

Paternoster Waterfront

7. Visit the Paternoster Waterfront. There’s an art market, little shops and great restaurants – home of the amazing De Seekat Restaurant.

Seekombuis restaurant

8. Visit Seekombuis restaurant and venture a little further to the right of the restaurant. You will be rewarded with the most unusual rock formations and sights.

Checking out the graffiti at the Panty Bar

9. Visit the world famous (infamous?) Panty Bar at the Paternoster Hotel.

Trekos Padstal

10. Take a short drive to Trekos and stop at the Afsaal padstal shop – great home made snacks and food.

Jog in the safe street

11. Jog around Paternoster’s roads – you will find a spectacular view on every corner.

Beer tasting

12. Visit the Paternoster Brewery

This list is by no means complete! There is so much more to do, see and taste in Paternoster. This little town is full of interesting people and places. You will have to come visit and see for yourself.

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